How We Choose Wood For Our Pieces

Woodland Tree Products doesn't just use any piece of wood for one of our tables or other pieces of furniture. There are a number of characteristics that we look for when we begin a project.

We look at irregularities in the wood that are caused by age or other factors. Irregularities are going to give the tree changes in grain direction. Knots, burls (an abnormal growth on a tree caused by stress that will cause change in direction), swirls, even some decay, spalting (unique coloration caused by fungi) or any other type of fungal activity can make for an interesting piece. You never know what you might find when you cut into a piece of wood. Trees are full of surprises!

The older the tree, the more stories it's going to have, the more history, more illinesses and sicknesses and stressful periods of its life that can cause some of those irregularities and characteristics of change of grain direction. The stressful times in a tree can actually make for a very beautiful piece of wood. As someone has said, "There are not many authors who are 20 years old." It is those types of experiences through the life of a tree that make it more unique. Many of the trees grown on tree plots are grown so that they are plain and knotless where they end up with identical types of pieces of wood. That's what the tree grower wants. Woodland Tree Products is looking for something very different. When Woodland is asked to take down an old, massive tree, we know that it will probably be a great tree to use for one of our unique pieces.