The Process - From Tree Removal to Finished Piece

About 5:00pm everyday, Woodland Tree flat bed trucks hauling large logs start rolling in after a long day of hard work.

Our WTP staff then examines the trees that have been brought in. We take note of each unique characteristic. We then decide in which direction the log should be slabbed in order to maximize the characteristics in each slab.

The logs are then hauled to our saw mill where our men get right to work. Once the logs have been cut we transport the slabs back to our main workshop where they immediately get stacked and stickered. Stacking and stickering the material ensures that the slabs will not rot and will minimize any warping that may occur.

Depending on species and thickness, the slabs will air dry from several months up to 2 years before they are placed into our kilns to force out the stubborn core moisture and to ensure any insects or fungal pathogens have been killed. The kiln drying process takes about 6-9 weeks depending on what kind of material is being dried, how thick, etc. Upon taking inspection of the moisture in the material we approve that the slabs are ready to be unloaded.

The dried slabs are then added to our existing stock and are ready to be worked! All of our material is local.

The Shop at Work

Our designer, Justin, is spraying a conversion varnish on the slab to give it a wet look
that will protect and preserve it.

WTP has great pride in being able to design and produce custom one of a kind furniture that has been worked from our hands since the day it came out of the ground. You could say that the only thing we didn’t craft, was the tree itself.