This Saw Cuts Logs Up to 5 1/2 Feet in Diameter!

A sawmill designed for cutting heavy logs up to 5 1/2 feet in diameter has recently been installed at Woodland Tree.

Despite its large size and 50-75mm wide bandsaw blades running on 1m diameter wheels, the WM1000 retains Wood-Mizer's world-leading thin kerf technology to reduce waste and maximise recovery of valuable wood. Hydraulic blade tensioning ensures accurate, straight cutting with a good surface finish, whether the user is halving or quartering a log or producing slabs for further processing, or using the Setworks control to produce finished boards of consistent thickness.

The head has four driven wheels for travelling along the track - which can be as long as required - under the control of the operator.

A benefit of this option is that logs can be laid directly on the ground between the two beams, and the WM1000 can then cut logs with diameters of up to 67” (the maximum throat capacity of the head).

The control panel is mounted on the head and the operator rides on a platform during cutting operations. This means the operator is able to closely observe the cutting process even when long lengths of bed or track have been laid - for example, to allow more than one log to be placed end-to-end and sawn in one pass. In addition to controls for vertical, forward and backward movement of the head, the WM1000 comes as standard with Wood-Mizer's effective Setworks system. This improves productivity by allowing the operator to pre-set the required board thickness, after which the head is automatically moved to the correct position for each pass, ensuring precise and consistent control. Variable forward and reverse speed allow the operator to adjust cutting speed to suit the size and species being cut - and to use 'full speed' for the return journey for maximum production efficiency.

As the only sawmill manufacturer that also makes its own blades, Wood-Mizer has invested heavily in research and development and also in blade production lines to expand its supply capacity. This has ensured that the company is able to support the launch of the WM1000 with optimum quality thin-kerf 50-75mm wide blades - which can also be used on other makes of bandsaw.

The ability to produce quality boards will allow Woodland Tree to provide our customers with some of the best hardwood slabs in the Mid-South.