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Furniture for Ben Nearn (movie producer) of Sycamore Pictures.

The Desk

Local interior designer Ann Parker contacted Woodland Tree Products (WTP) about wanting us to produce a custom desk design for a very special client of hers. After cranking out a few design options we met with Ann and her client Ben Nearn of Sycamore Pictures.

Nearn is a local executive movie producer. The Way Way Back staring Steve Carellis is one of Ben’s latest hits that was released in July. Some of Sycamore Pictures’ other films include: Can a Song Save Your Life and A Friggin’ Christmas Miracle, both which are soon to be released.

Relating to Ben’s soaring success, he wanted to upgrade his work space. Upon visiting his office/studio to gather dimensions, we noticed that he was a very busy man indeed! His existing desk was covered up in stacks of paper. We wanted to ensure that whenever anyone visited the Sycamore Pictures studio, our desk would present Nearn in a very respectable manner. Ben stated several times that he wanted something “gnarly”, a desk that no one else could compare theirs to. We responded by assuring him that once we completed our build, upon viewing the desk, everyone would know that “the man” worked at that desk!

Our staff met with Ben in the WTP shop to present him the design and view the black walnut we picked out specifically for his commission. Nearn was thrilled with what we gathered. Upon his approval we went to work.

The desk features a mitered hood that laps over the main workspace and stands high enough to hide any stacks of paper or coffee mugs. From the front end of the desk, the main work area is not visible. Along with presenting Nearn’s work space tidy, this also aesthetically presents our creation well at all times. During the unveiling of our hard work Ben Nearn looked up and down the desk for what seemed like forever. Grinning from ear to ear Ben stated “it’s perfect, you all are truly craftsmen”!

The Bench

Not long after the black walnut desk was installed, Nearn and his staff contacted WTP again with a desire of having a custom sycamore bench designed and crafted for their Sycamore Pictures studio. The sycamore, black walnut and steel bench design reflects a Memphis attitude. The bench features a trapezoidal design mimicking the classic wingtip automobile designs that Elvis Presley was known for cruising around in.

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